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Creating Breathtaking Hardscapes: Stone by Stone

WIO Rock Boxes, Creating Breathtaking Hardscapes: Stone by Stone the definitive choice for crafting unparalleled hardscapes. Our extensive selection boasts over 25 meticulously chosen stone and boulder variants, including the distinctive Limited Series. Each piece is handpicked to infuse life into your aquatic and terrestrial environments, transforming them into breathtaking stone arrangement masterpieces.

stone variety


WIO Rock Boxes: A Canvas of Natural Rock Wonders

Designed for both enthusiasts and professionals, our Stone and Boulder collections are finely tuned to complement every design preference, ensuring your natural creations mature into stunning hardscapes. WIO Rock Boxes merge the art of scaping with simplicity and completeness, offering everything you need in one comprehensive package.

stone sets


Embrace the Iwagumi Principle

Rooted in our collection is the esteemed Iwagumi style, an iconic Japanese aquascaping approach that celebrates simplicity, balance, and the profound beauty of stones as focal points. This minimalist philosophy not only highlights the intrinsic beauty of stones but also cultivates harmony and tranquility within your aquascapes. WIO Rock Boxes make adopting the Iwagumi method effortless, enabling you to craft spaces that mirror the tranquil essence of natural landscapes.


Craft Your Masterpiece

  • Extensive Variety: Dive into our collection of over 25 stone and boulder types, each boasting unique textures, colors, and characters. This diversity ensures your scape is distinguished by its natural allure and originality.

  • Limited Series: Explore our Limited Series for those rare stones that promise to elevate your scape into a singular natural art piece.

  • All-In-One Solution: Every Rock Box serves as a full kit designed for assembling intrcate, engaging stone arrangements. Whether you're envisioning a grand Iwagumi layout or a complex, layered boulder scape, we've got you covered.


Unleash Your Creativity

WIO Rock Boxes go beyond mere stone arrangement; they are a medium through which you can forge a deeper connection with nature. Focusing on stones as the central element offers you a canvas to interpret their forms, textures, and essence, creating scapes that narrate a story, stir emotions, and spark wonder.


A Symphony of Stones

Our Rock Boxes are available in diverse configurations, ideal for tanks ranging from cozy 60 cm setups to grand 120 cm displays. Each variant, be it Standard or Mega Box, provides a foundation for crafting hardscapes that echo your unique touch.

box and megabox

Signature Offerings:

  • Stone and Boulder Variants: Opt between jagged, intricate stones for fine arrangements or softer, bolder rocks for a mesmerizing subaquatic effect.

  • Signature Main Stone: Central to each box is a main stone, around 20cm for Standard and 25cm for Mega Box, designed to be the heart of your scape.

  • Diverse Complementary Stones Mix: A selection of assorted stones (5-16cm for Standard Box, 5-20cm for Mega Box) complements the main stone, enriching your design.

  • Weight Options: Standard Boxes weigh approximately 10kg, and Mega Boxes 20kg, providing a significant presence. Light Box variants, designed for ease without sacrificing stone volume and quantity, weigh around 6kg for Standard and 12kg for Mega, featuring volcanic and lightweight stones for a fuller yet lighter arrangement.

  • Tailored for Various Tank Sizes: Each box is optimally crafted for specific tank sizes, Box for tanks up to 60 cms and Mega Box for tanks up to 120 cms, ensuring a flawless fit and stunning visual impact.

  • All-In-One Sets: Our Rock Boxes are comprehensive sets that allow for the effortless creation of captivating hardscapes, echoing the raw beauty of stone landscapes.

  • Safety Caution: Despite varying weights, all items are considered heavy. We recommend using proper lifting techniques for a safe scaping experience.

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