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Hojas tropicales


The most exquisite selection of tropical plants





Welcome to the WIO Flora Tropical Section, a specially curated destination designed to help you explore and select the perfect tropical plants for your terrarium or paludarium environment.


Tropical plants are revered for their stunning visual appeal, wide range of forms, vibrant colors, and the exotic touch they add to any indoor environment. With their lush foliage and often fascinating growth habits, these plants can turn your terrarium or paludarium into a miniature tropical jungle, offering a slice of paradise right in your own home.


Our Tropical Section showcases a diverse selection of small tropical plants, each bringing their unique tropical charm to your setup. Here you will find everything from the captivating Chinese Money Plant with its unique round leaves to the Nerve Plants, known for their intricate vein-like patterns. These plants have been handpicked not just for their beauty but also for their adaptability to terrarium and paludarium conditions.


Beyond their aesthetic appeal, tropical plants are excellent at improving air quality, maintaining humidity levels, and providing shelter for smaller inhabitants of your setup. They thrive in warm, humid conditions, making them an ideal choice for both terrariums and paludariums.


Our Tropical Section is designed to provide you with a wide array of tropical plants to suit your aesthetic preferences and care capacity. Explore our collection, get to know each plant's unique features and care requirements, and find the ideal species to bring a tropical touch to your setup. Happy tropical gardening!

*At the moment we are not able to send plants to Uk, Switzerland and Norway and Colonies, we will let you know when it will be available soon.

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