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The most exquisite selection of groundcover plants





Dive into the verdant world of groundcover plants with our meticulously curated selection, aimed at enhancing your terrarium or paludarium landscape. Groundcover plants play a pivotal role in the ecosystem of any terrarium or paludarium, delivering not only visual appeal but also a host of practical benefits.


These plants are celebrated for their low-growing, dense spread, which adds a lush, green layer to your setup, mimicking the rich undergrowth of natural forests. This layer is not just a feast for the eyes but a functional aspect of the habitat, aiding in moisture retention, soil stability, and providing a healthy, thriving environment for the diverse life within your terrarium or paludarium.


Selected with the utmost care, our Groundcover Section features plants known for their resilience and ability to flourish in the unique conditions of a terrarium or paludarium. Beyond their beauty, these groundcover species are instrumental in creating a self-sustaining ecosystem by regulating humidity, minimizing soil erosion, and purifying the environment, ensuring a harmonious and balanced habitat for all inhabitants.


Explore our Groundcover Section to discover plants that will transform your terrarium or paludarium into a vibrant, thriving miniature ecosystem. Each plant comes with detailed information on its characteristics, care needs, and environmental benefits, enabling you to select the ideal groundcover that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and maintenance capabilities. Happy gardening!

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