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Framing Nature Art





At WIO, our ARIUM line transforms every aquarium, terrarium, paludarium, and glass bowl into a blank canvas, waiting to be adorned with the vibrant strokes of nature. We believe in the harmonious interplay of creativity, where human acts as the brush, and nature unfolds its colors on our canvas. 


Our SPACE line was born from a singular vision - to craft unrivaled ARIUM canvases that inspire, enhance, and elevate your creative potential. With a meticulous eye for design and aesthetics, our tanks encapsulate simplicity and elegance with their pure lines, minimal transparent silicone cord, and the exclusive use of high transparency glass.


A testament to our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, all our ARIUM pieces are proudly made in Europe. This not only ensures superior quality but also contributes to supporting local craftsmanship and industry.


But the SPACE line doesn't stop at ARIUM. We've created a bespoke range of furniture to complement your aquatic and terrestrial creations. Our WOODY and DOJO cabinet lines are designed to merge functionality with aesthetics, giving you the perfect platform to display your nature's masterpiece. Crafted from sustainable pine wood, these cabinets are the perfect marriage of design and durability.


The SPACE line is more than a collection of products; it's a testament to our passion for nature, design, and creativity. Embrace the journey, and let nature inspire your masterpiece.

wio arium


Your canvas to your nature's masterpiece. 



Crafted to showcase nature's splendor. Elevate your scapes with our elegant, sustainable designs, where form meets function.

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