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Self-Adhering Power





Sticky Soil, the innovative solution for creating unique and stunning landscapes and planted environments. This game-changing product is a self-adhering black clay-like mud that solidifies after drying, providing a solid base for plants, hardscapes, and more.


Sticky Soil's unique characteristics make it an incredibly versatile substrate for plant growth. It is permeable enough for water and roots to travel through, making it an ideal substrate for planting and supporting a wide variety of plant life. Its solidification properties make it sturdy enough to support plants, small hardscapes, and even bonsai on an otherwise unsupported base.


One of the most exciting features of Sticky Soil is its flexibility. It can be molded into any shape you want and applied to any surface, including stones, woods, glass, and more. With Sticky Soil, you can get creative and build landscapes and structures that were previously not possible. Its ability to stick to any surface allows you to create planted environments in places where it may have been difficult or impossible to do so before.


Sticky Soil is a ready-to-use product that is easy and fast to work with. Simply apply the mud to your desired surface and mold it into the shape you want. It retains its shape and holds a high amount of humidity, which is essential for plant growth. To preserve its moisture, it is recommended to wrap it in moss.

Whether you're an experienced terrarium, paludarium or plant enthusiast or just starting, Sticky Soil offers a new level of versatility and convenience that will take your planting projects to the next level. Try it out today and discover the possibilities!

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