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Stone by Stone, Nature Comes to Life







Complete Aquascaping Kits: Dive into the world of aquascaping with our Stone Boxes, your all-in-one solution for creating breathtaking hardscapes that capture the essence of natural stone landscapes. Designed to cater to aquarium enthusiasts of all levels, these kits come in a range of sizes suitable for compact 60 cm aquariums to expansive 120 cm setups. Each Stone Box, whether you opt for the Standard or Mega edition, serves as the perfect starting point to infuse your aquascape with a personal flair.


Highlighted Features:

  • Centerpiece Main Stone: The cornerstone of each set is a distinctive main stone, measuring approximately 20cm in Standard boxes and 25cm in Mega boxes, set to become the focal point of your aquascape. Be aware that our Limited Edition series may feature varying sizes, so checking the product details is advisable.

  • Diverse Stone Assortment: Broaden your aquascape's appeal with an eclectic mix of additional stones, from the smallest nano rocks to more substantial mid-size options (5-16cm for Standard, 5-20cm for Mega Boxes), offering endless design possibilities.

  • Flexible Weight Choices: Tailor the impact of your aquascape with boxes that have a substantial feel—Standard Boxes at approximately 10kg and Mega Boxes at 20kg. For those seeking lighter options without compromising on volume, our Light Box editions weigh about 6kg (Standard) and 12kg (Mega), utilizing volcanic and other lightweight materials for a voluminous yet manageable setup.

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