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The most exquisite selection of Plant Bases





Discover the transformative power of our Base Series, your ultimate solution for creating ecosystems that are as vibrant as they are resilient. Ideal for aquariums, paludariums, and terrariums, this curated selection of base substrates combines natural aesthetic appeal with scientific functionality.


Imagine effortlessly molding hills, valleys, and slopes while also providing a nutrient-rich foundation teeming with vital minerals and trace elements. Here, your design elements—be it rocks, driftwood, etc—find a stable and interlocking base, laying the groundwork for a world that not only looks beautiful but functions efficiently. The porous materials in our substrates go a step further by acting as bio-filters, home to beneficial bacteria that improve water quality and contribute to environmental balance.


Moreover, the aerated structure ensures an optimal oxygen supply, transforming your base layer into a living, breathing biotope.

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