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The most exquisite composition of plants





Welcome to WIO Flora, your comprehensive source for a wide array of plants specially curated for terrarium and paludarium environments. Our offerings span across a variety of categories, from charming creepers and lush mosses to exotic ferns, marsh plants, vibrant tropicals, intriguing carnivorous plants, airy tillandsias, and even miniature bonsais. 


As creators we understand that each terrarium and paludarium is a unique, miniature ecosystem, an expression of its creator's vision, and a haven for its tiny inhabitants. Therefore, we've dedicated ourselves to select plants that not only contribute to the beauty of your setup but also to its ecological balance and health. 


In our Creeping Section, discover plants that will form a lush, green carpet in your setup, filling it with life. Our Mosses Section offers a variety of species, each with their unique texture and growth patterns, perfect for creating verdant, miniature landscapes. Dive into the world of Ferns for a touch of ancient, primal beauty, and explore the Tropical Section to bring a slice of the rainforest into your living room. If you're looking for something more unique, venture into our selection of intriguing Carnivorous Plants, unique Air Plants, and miniature Bonsais. Each plant in our selection comes with comprehensive information about its care requirements, ideal environment, and unique features. 


We invite you to explore our categories, discover the plants that resonate with you, and create a green world of your own. Happy planting!

*At the moment we are not able to send plants to Uk, Switzerland, Norway, and Colonies. We will let you know when it will be available soon.










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