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Welcome to WIO Flora, your premier destination for an extensive selection of plants meticulously chosen for terrarium and paludarium environments. Our collection is divided into two main categories: Plants and Bonsai, each designed to cater to the diverse needs and creative visions of indoor garden enthusiasts.


Plants: This category is a carefully curated collection tailored for terrarium and paludarium enthusiasts, featuring a diverse array of species ideally suited for these unique environments. From ground-hugging creepers that weave a dense, green tapestry beneath your feet, to the intricate textures and forms of mosses that evoke the feel of ancient, untouched landscapes. Discover the prehistoric elegance of ferns, the lush vibrancy of tropical plants that transport you to a rainforest paradise, and the fascinating world of carnivorous plants and air plants, each offering a unique visual and ecological impact.


Bonsai: A special category dedicated to the art and beauty of miniature bonsai trees. These living sculptures combine the elegance of traditional bonsai with the specific requirements of terrarium and paludarium environments, offering a fascinating blend of horticulture and artistic design. Each bonsai in our collection is carefully selected for its suitability to enclosed environments, ensuring that you can enjoy the timeless appeal of bonsai artistry within your indoor garden.


At WIO Flora, we understand that each terrarium and paludarium is a reflection of its creator's vision and a sanctuary for its inhabitants. We're committed to providing plants that not only enhance the aesthetic of your setup but also promote its health and sustainability. Every plant in our selection comes with detailed information on care requirements, ideal environments, and distinctive features, empowering you to make informed choices for your green world.

*At the moment we are not able to send plants to Uk, Switzerland, Norway, and Colonies. We will let you know when it will be available soon.

Hojas de helecho


Vibrant plants rooted in innovative Sticky Soil or AquaGrow pads. Celebrate nature’s diversity and create your own miniature planted world.


Bonsai trees cultivated in our innovative Bonsai Insula, an all-in-one solution designed to revolutionize the creation of bonsai landscapes.


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