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Your Nature's Artistic Palette





While technical elements like filters and lighting are important, the true beauty and artistic impact of a nature scape or scenery lie in the natural materials used and their composition. At WIO, we champion the use of natural materials to create environments that are not only visually stunning but also promote the well-being of fauna and flora.


Our commitment to authenticity is reflected in our expansive and exquisite selection of natural decor materials. WIO Decor offers a rich palette for endless artistic possibilities, enabling you to transform any nature creation into a living work of art.


Our collection includes ethically sourced hardscape materials such as sculptural rocks and woods, as well as innovative Biotope Beds that replicate real-world biotopes. Enhance the ambiance and awaken the instincts of inhabitants with our Enrichment line.

With additions like Plant Substrates, Theming, Botanicals, Fine-tuning, and Decor Kits, our extensive and innovative range equips you with all the tools needed to bring your vision of nature to life.


Unleash your creativity with WIO Decor and experience the artistic creation of nature spaces like never before.

Biotope Beds

One of our most exciting innovations. Ready-to-use natural substrate mixes that recreate habitat beds to bring true-to-life realism into your nature creations.

Plant Substrates

Complete line of plant substrates containing all required nutrients for lush, long-term plant growth and available in a range of colours and granule sizes


Thriving habitats, enrichment line creates authentic environments that promote natural behaviors and enhance animal well-being.


A comprehensive and refined palette, empowering nature artists and enthusiasts with endless possibilities



revolutionary product line meticulously designed to elevate your nature creations to unprecedented levels of realism.

Decor Kits

Your all-in-one solution, packed with essentials to craft a truly authentic, nature-inspired habitat.


Discover our innovative line that empower you to create breathtaking scapes. Ignite your creativity and design awe-inspiring environments!

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