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Nature's Rolling Masterpieces





Boulders reflects the dynamic nature of the Earth's transformative forces. Like rolling stones, these magnificent creations have undergone a remarkable journey shaped by the gentle touch of natural processes.


Nature softens rocks into boulders through the power of erosion and weathering. Over time, wind, water, and other environmental factors gradually wear away the rough edges and refine the surfaces of these stones. The ceaseless flow of rivers, the crashing waves of the sea, and the caress of wind-blown sand all contribute to the sculpting process, gradually rounding and smoothing the once jagged rocks into boulders.


Each Boulder in our collection carries the unique markings and textures that tell the tale of its metamorphosis. From the gentle curves to the polished surfaces, these stones bear witness to the patient artistry of nature. 


Our Boulders have been carefully selected for their exceptional quality, size, color, and texture. With their natural elegance and enduring strength, they serve as more than just decorative elements. They become the focal points, anchors, and havens within your habitat, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional value.


Each one represents a captivating testament to the transformative power of time, water, and wind—nature's gentle sculptors.


ALL-IN-ONE Sets with everything you need to easily create stunning and captivating aquatic and terrestrial scapes. Choose from our Box, meticulously curated for tanks up to 60 cm, or opt for the Mega Box, tailored for larger tanks ranging from 75 to 120 cm. Both boxes offer a diverse range of boulders to elevate your scaping experience.

  • User-friendly: Achieve stunning results easily and enjoyably.

  • Box: Mix of Boulder from 10 cm up to 25 cm (6-12kg)

  • Mega Box: Mix of Boulder from 10 cm up to 30 cm (15-25kg)

  • Free: Nano Boulder bag (1.5-2 kg) included in each set for extra detail and realism.


Transform your aquarium, paludarium, or terrarium into a breathtaking masterpiece with our Boulder Sets.

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