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Nature's Rolling Masterpieces







All-In-One Sets: Our Boulder Boxes are comprehensive sets that allow for the effortless creation of captivating hardscapes, echoing the raw beauty of stone landscapes.

Our Boulder Boxes are available in diverse configurations, ideal for tanks ranging from cozy 60 cm setups to grand 120 cm displays. Each variant, be it Standard or Mega Box, provides a foundation for crafting hardscapes that echo your unique touch.


Signature Offerings:

  • Signature Main Stone: Central to each box is a main boulder stone, around 20cm for Standard and 25cm for Mega Box, designed to be the heart of your scape. Limited Edition series sizes may differ, please always check product info.

  • Assorted Stones Mix: Enhance your layout with a variety of supplementary rocks, ranging from nano rocks to substantial mid-size rocks (5-16cm in Standard, 5-20cm in Mega Boxes).

  • Weight Options: Standard Boxes weigh approximately 10kg, and Mega Boxes 20kg, providing a significant presence. Light Box variants, designed for ease without sacrificing stone volume and quantity, weigh around 6kg for Standard and 12kg for Mega, featuring volcanic and lightweight stones for a fuller yet lighter arrangement.

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