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The most exquisite composition of biotope beds





Welcome to Biotope Beds, a new revolutionary product line from WIO that breaks away from the traditional use of only sands, soils, and gravels in aquariums and terrariums. We have created a new concept that masterly blends: sands, gravels, nano stones, twigs, branches, roots, shells, and many other natural materials to create impressive biotope beds inspired by real biotopes from around the world. Unlike traditional substrates, our biotope beds require only one product to achieve a natural and authentic look, making them a convenient and practical option for aquascapers, terrarium creators, and biotopers alike.


Our Biotope Beds are made of a complex blend of sands, gravels, pebbles, nano rocks, roots, twigs, etc.  that have been carefully developed through the study of natural habitats worldwide. We have analyzed the color, composition, gradients, and geology of habitats and used this knowledge to create substrates that replicate the natural environment. For example, our products include substrates that replicate the crystal-clear highland streams of Ibons and Glaciers, de river deltas, the big African Lakes, the Australian habitats, the Everglades, Bonito in Western Brazil, the earthy colors of the waterways of the Western Ghats mountains in southern India, the pools deep within the Amazon rainforest…This series will expand and develop and we hope you are excited about it as we are!


The random distribution of the Biotope Beds bag content creates a natural biotope bed impression with just spreading the content in your tank, with casual densities and content mix, resulting in an easy, fun, and impressive way to create a true slice of nature.


You don't need any special skills or tools to manipulate and spread the biotope bed in your aquarium or terrarium, making it an accessible and non-invasive way to enhance the natural look of your aquatic or terrestrial environment. Biotope Beds are made from 100% natural and non-toxic materials, are pre-washed for your convenience and can be used without rinsing. They are safe for fish, shrimps, and other aquatic animals and can be used in both aquatic and terrarium environments. Whether you're a beginner or a professional nature creator, Biotope Beds are the perfect solution to achieving outstanding results.

Biotope Beds
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