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Welcome to WIO, where we are passionate about re-engaging people with nature in their everyday lives. We believe that in our modern world, many individuals have lost the opportunity to experience pristine natural scenes and spaces, missing out on the chance to be close to nature, appreciate it, and benefit from its countless rewards.


At WIO, our purpose is to bring the wonders of nature back into our daily lives, even into the smallest spaces. We aim to help individuals re-engage with nature and enrich their well-being in a sustainable, applicable, and emotional way. Our fresh and innovative solutions are designed to enhance the excitement of creating and enjoying artistically scenic nature worlds.


WIO is founded on a set of core values that drive our every endeavor. As a European-based company, we prioritize local production, upholding the highest quality standards. We are committed to being an eco-company, constantly seeking ways to minimize our environmental impact. Nature is not only our inspiration but also our art and science, and we aim to inspire and educate our clients, empowering them with the knowledge and resources to create and maintain their nature spaces. Through our collective efforts, we strive to cultivate an appreciation for and protection of the natural world for generations to come.


Product Line

Our product line embodies our mission, vision, and values. We offer a range of unique products designed for individuals with a deep sensitivity to nature, well-being, eco-friendliness, design, art, and excellence. With our products, you can create small to mid-scale natural spaces and sceneries that excite, re-engage, and reconnect you with the beauty of nature. From indoor nature creations and natural habitat technology to embracing natural aesthetics, pioneering planting, and cultivating nature's wellness, our product line provides the tools and resources you need to integrate nature effortlessly into your everyday spaces.

Service Line

In addition to our product line, we offer WIO Services to create bespoke natural paradises. Our Service Line is dedicated to crafting immersive natural environments that resonate with the soul. Our team of nature artists, architects, and artisans combine artistry, biology, design, and scenography to create tailored nature creations for diverse spaces. From nature exhibits and recreational pools to themed nature spaces and scenography lighting services, we orchestrate enchanting and engaging sanctuaries that bring the beauty and vibrancy of nature to life.

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