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WIO Service Line: Crafting Bespoke Natural Paradises


Welcome to WIO Services, where we are dedicated to crafting immersive natural environments that resonate with the soul. Our service line brings together the artistry of nature, the science of biology, the expertise of design, and the finesse of scenography to create bespoke natural paradises for diverse spaces.


At WIO, we understand the importance of reconnecting with nature in a profound and transformative way. Our team of nature artists, architects, and artisans are the heart and soul of WIO Services. With their expertise and passion, we weave together the threads of artistry, biology, design, and scenography to orchestrate immersive natural environments that captivate the senses and ignite a deep connection with the natural world.


With over 100 projects, our commitment to excellence and nature has been embraced by a distinguished clientele, including Loro Parque, Lisbon Oceanarium, Poema del Mar, Oceanographic of Valencia, Biopark, L'Aquarium of Barcelona, ZooAquarium Madrid, Barcelona Zoo, CosmoCaixa, Gerald Durrell Wildlife Park, Native Fauna Recovery Centers. Our foundation of trust, excellence, and reverence for nature is mirrored in these prestigious collaborations.

Nature Exhibits


Our nature exhibits are windows to the wondrous diversity of our planet’s ecosystems. Created with an educational lens, these exhibits are rich in knowledge, engaging in experience, and aesthetically harmonious. We believe in fostering a connection between humans and the natural world, one exhibit at a time.

Nature Pools

Nature Recreational Pools

Our nature recreational pools are a revolution against the mundane. Mimicking natural water bodies, they incorporate nature’s elements to present a serene, rejuvenating haven. It’s not just a pool; it’s an escape to a natural retreat.

Themed Nature Spaces

Indoor Nature Creations

Be ready to be transported across realms and geographies, as our themed nature spaces are your passports to the various wonders of the world. From the dense foliage of tropical rainforests and the tranquil depths of underwater sanctuaries to the rugged grace of mountain landscapes, we craft these themes to perfection for an immersive and inspiring journey.

Lighting Technology

Scenography Lighting 

Elevate the ambiance of your natural spaces with our Scenography Lighting and Light Design services. We offer meticulous evaluation, stage lighting design, and optimization that considers the biological needs and maintenance requirements of each exhibit. Our lighting technology is state-of-the-art, boasting tailored spectrums, full control capabilities, and even real-time meteorological data integration. Moreover, our lighting systems are fully automated with BACnet integration, ensuring seamless integration in professional installations.


If you are interested in any of our services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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