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Your canvas to your nature's masterpiece





VISTAS line essence lies in its minimalism and purity, with a design philosophy that puts the emphasis on the content - the views of nature, recreated within a glass canvas.


VISTAS represents the visual deconstruction of the glass tank down to its simplest, purest form. We leverage pure lines, minimal transparent silicone cords, and make exclusive use of high transparency glass, chosen for its low iron content. 


Our VISTAS line is designed to capture different aspects of nature's splendor:


  • VISTAS SF - SUPER SHALLOW: These ultra-panoramic tanks are designed with a focus on showcasing the emerged area, bringing out the beauty of plants like no other tank format. Specifically designed for side-top viewing, they provide a unique perspective on the world above the waterline.


  • VISTAS F - SHALLOW: These tanks offer the perfect balance between underwater and emerged views. They are designed to provide a panoramic underwater vista while maintaining an impressive showcase of the emerged line. Optimized for viewing from front to top, these tanks offer a dynamic perspective on aquatic environments.

  • VISTAS P - CLASSIC: These tanks are a nod to the classic and timeless design of aquariums, focused on providing the most striking vistas of the underwater world. They encapsulate the traditional essence of aquariums, offering a comprehensive view of the underwater spectacle.


Every VISTAS tanks is proudly Made in Europe, reflecting our commitment to superior craftsmanship and quality. With VISTAS, you're not just acquiring an aquarium; you're bringing home a piece of nature's grandeur, beautifully framed for your everyday enjoyment.

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