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Your Nature's Artistic Palette





Often, the budget is directed towards technical elements like filters and lighting, however, it is the natural materials and their composition that determine the beauty, animal welfare, and artistic satisfaction of the habitat.


At WIO, we believe that natural materials are key to creating an environment that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also conducive to animal well-being.


Our appreciation for natural materials is at the core of our philosophy. For this reason, we offer the most extensive and exquisite selection of decor materials. 


WIO Decor, is your perfect palette for endless artistic possibilities to transform your habitat into a nature masterpiece of art.


Unleash your creativity with WIO Decor and experience nature like never.


Biotope Beds

One of our most exciting innovations. Ready-to-use natural substrate mixes that recreate habitat beds to bring true-to-life realism into your nature creations.


Plant Substrates

Complete line of plant substrates containing all required nutrients for lush, long-term plant growth and available in a range of colours and granule sizes



Thriving habitats, enrichment line creates authentic environments that promote natural behaviors and enhance animal well-being.



A comprehensive and refined palette, empowering nature artists and enthusiasts with endless possibilities


Decor Kits

Your all-in-one solution, packed with essentials to craft a truly authentic, nature-inspired habitat.



Discover our innovative line that empower you to create breathtaking scapes. Ignite your creativity and design awe-inspiring environments!

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