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At WIO, we are committed to enriching lives by seamlessly integrating nature into daily environments. Through our innovative products and state-of-the-art services, we aim to enhance well-being and bring the natural world closer to everyone, addressing the challenges of modern lifestyles and limited access to nature and to natural spaces.


Our offerings are designed to reconnect you with nature by transforming your living and working environments.


Empowering you to artistically create and cultivate nature.

We believe that nature is essential for everyone’s daily well-being. In response to modern challenges like busy lifestyles and limited access to natural environments, our goal is to seamlessly integrate nature into your daily life.


Our products serve as more than just functional items; they are bridges to the outdoors, meticulously designed to rekindle your connection with nature and ignite excitement, engagement, and a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Our product lines are meticulously crafted to inspire, re-engage, and reconnect you with nature, empowering you to create and cultivate artistically vibrant natural environments. Experience the full potential of living and working in spaces that beautifully harmonize with nature created by you.


Pioneering Planting

Embrace innovation with our FLORA line, cultivated in the groundbreaking Sticky Soil and AquaGrow media. These avant-garde substrate solutions revolutionize planting by offering unparalleled freedom, adaptability, and ease for your botanical creations. Astonishingly, our plants can even flourish on vertical glass surfaces, woods, stones…anywhere. The FLORA line guarantees luxuriant growth and vivid colors, coupled with the liberty to position plants anywhere. 

Embrace Natural Aesthetics


Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with our comprehensive palette of décor. Establish the authenticity of your nature-space with ethically sourced hardscape essentials like sculptural rocks and woods. Journey through diverse landscapes with our innovative Biotope Beds, crafted meticulously to reflect real biotopes from around the world. Spark the inherent wild spirit of inhabitants with our Enrichment line, using elements that enhance well-being and awaken instincts. With an array of choices including Theming, Botanicals, and Decor Kits, we equip you with a versatile palette and the necessary tools to embody nature in your creations like never before.


Indoor Nature Creations

Our SPACE line is dedicated to transforming interiors with exquisite nature islands. These meticulously designed pieces are not just habitats, classic aquariums or terrariums, but living nature art installations that breathe life into your spaces and reconnect you with the natural world.

Natural Habitat Technology


Our TECH line incorporates cutting-edge technology to replicate natural habitats and biotopes. This includes advanced lighting systems that mimic natural sunlight patterns, underwater lightning, energy-efficient pumps that create realistic water currents, and filters that ensure a clean and healthy environment for the flora and fauna within your nature-space.

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