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ROCK SETS: Unleash Your Scaping Creativity!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Unlock Your Scaping Potential

ROCK SETS: Unleash Your Scaping Creativity! With our Rock Sets, your imagination knows no bounds. Let each stone become a brushstroke, painting a picture of natural splendour. Create breathtaking rock formations, captivating vistas, and immersive habitats that mimic the wonders of nature.

Crafted with precision and expertise, our Rock Sets provide you with the foundation to unleash your scaping creativity. Each stone is carefully selected to offer unique textures, shapes, and colours, allowing you to craft scapes that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Unleash your creativity, and let nature come to life, one stone at a time.

Available in Box or Mega Box


Perfectly suited for tanks up to 60 cm, our Standard Box is thoughtfully curated to deliver depth and character to your scapes, includes:

• 1 XL Stone (+20cm)

• 2 L Stones (+15cm)

• 3 M Stones (+10cm)

• 1 Free Bag of Nano Rocks (1.5-2Kg)

This set weighs between 6-12 kg, offering a diverse mix to meet the needs of varying tank sizes.

Mega Box

Specifically crafted for larger tanks ranging from 75 to 120 cm, the Mega Box provides a substantial enhancement to your bigger setups:

• 1 XXL Stone (+25cm)

• 1 XL Stone (+20cm)

• 2 L Stones (+15cm)

• 3 M Stones (+10cm)

• 1 Free Bag of Nano Rocks (1.5-2Kg)

The Mega Box weighs between 15-25 kg, providing a significant boost to your larger aquatic environments.

Do note, while stone quantities and sizes remain constant across different Box and Mega Box sets, weights may vary due to the distinct physical characteristics of different stone types. For instance, the lighter yet voluminous Darwin Black Lava stones contrast with the heavy yet compact Black Venom boulders.


Stone Box y Mega Box: Jade, Black Venom, Elderly, Paleorock, Black Darwin, Web, Etna, Bumblebee, Grey Fossil Wood, Nebula, Wild Red Lava, Hole, Bam and Limited Editions.

Boulder Box y Mega Box:White Adder, Elderly, Black Venom, Bumblebee, Druid, McDonald Lake, Inferno, Crater and Limited Editions.

Key Points:

• Transform your aquarium, paludarium, or terrarium into a breathtaking masterpiece.

• Available in both Stone and Boulder versions.

• Choose from Standard Box or Mega Box sets based on your tank size.

• Crafted with precision and expertise for optimal composition.

• Stone version offers jagged rocks for intricate details and delicate arrangements.

• Boulder version showcases smoother rocks for a captivating subaquatic element.

• Includes 1 Nano Rock or Nano Boulder bag free in each set.

Stone and Boulder set back

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