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Art in Nature #2

Unleash the beauty of 'Art in Nature'!

Unleash the beauty of 'Art in Nature'! 🖼🍃

Our inspirational section is here to help you learn from nature and recreate its elegance right in your own space. Today, we're mesmerized by a forest scene - thin, distant trees nestled in an enchanting moss field dotted with fallen twigs and branches.

Reimagine this scenery in your paludariums and terrariums. Here's a step-by-step guide using our products:

1-Start creating the forest using our Forest Trees. Use thicker, taller ones in the front and smaller, thinner ones in the back to enhance the perspective.

forest tree

2-Now it's time for the moss. Use our Cushion Moss as the main moss. Lay it across your base, leaving spaces for the Sphagnum Moss to create highlights and diversity in your lush field.


3-Add some creeping fig for extra detail. Place it carefully to replicate how it would naturally grow in the wild and use it to recreate the treetops

fig creeping

4-For a finishing touch use our Mini Roots to mimic the fallen twigs and branches. Distribute them naturally across your space.

mini root

Swipe 👉 to see our recommended products! Create, learn, and let nature guide your art!

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