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Wio is born to reengaging with nature. Our products empower you to create and enjoy small to mid-scale nature spaces in their everyday life. We base our product line on careful research of natural habitats, combined with contemporary aesthetics and leading technological advancements in order to help you bring nature into your living spaces.


You will discover a whole new world of flora and fauna to enjoy by effortlessly recreating their habitats from underwater worlds to steamy jungles, opening a vista onto nature. You will be surprised how easy and fulfilling it is to build, nurture and maintain your nature-space in your everyday life. It will bring you enjoyment, beauty, appreciation, understanding, knowledge, fascination, and relaxation.

Take a pause from your busy day, glance at your nature-space to re-engage with nature and be rewarded by its refreshing and healing properties. Enjoy the art of bringing nature into the home like never before.