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November 2022 arrives with amazing new options!!

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

We are pleased to introduce our 6 new references of wood, gravel and stone. From Tan wood to Inferno gravel, all the natural products that we include in our catalogue are the best option to raise the beauty of your aquarium to another level.

New!! Tan Wood

This dense, highly textured wood exhibits a rich reddish brown colour. Each piece offers different forms and protrusions, making them ideal for aquascaping due to the visual interest they provide or as complex cover for fishes in biotope displays

  • Very heavy wood, easy to sink.

New!! Hole Stone

The warm colours and gritty textures of our Hole Stone suggest limestone shorelines full of fossils, shaped and broken by waves for millennia. The nooks, crannies and fissures of these stones are ideal for placing epiphytic plants such as Anubias or Bucephalandra as well as providing homes for fishes and invertebrates.

Available in Mix sizes.

*This rock is inert and will not affect the water chemistry of your aquarium.

New!! Hole Nano rocks

Our Hole stone is now available in nano form! These engaging stones are riddled with fissures, crevices and holes, ideal for placing epiphytic plants or for providing homes for small animals. Their warm, sandstone colour is perfect for creating scenes based around eroded coastlines, or wind-scoured desert landscapes.

New!! Inferno Gravel

Natural earthy colour gravel with finer and smaller sizes. It is ideal for smaller and nano tanks to bring warmth and a sense of scale to the nature scape. Perfect gravel to combine and mix with El Dorado sand, Tigris sand and Cimarron sand. Available in 2 & 5kg bags: S: Size mix from 15 - 25mm. Mix: Size mix from 15 - 40mm. L: Size mix from 25 - 40mm. *This gravel does not affect water hardness.

Inferno Boulder

These breathtaking boulders display a rich pinkish-red colouration its marbled surface is detailed with many pale, white and pink small flecks. They provide contrast to bright green plants or could be used to bring light and interest to darker areas of an aquascape display.

Welcome Back: Striped wood !!

Extremely rare wood with unique striped textures. It has a base root thicker area complemented with flowing branches. Its unique shape allow new wood formations for ryoboku styles. Pieces can vary from small, to mid-size to impressively bulky big. It is a heavy wood ideal for aquascaping and biotope aquarium. Available in S, M, L size.

Welcome Back: Stone wood !!

Incredible wood with unique bumps, and a brainy texture... that resembles the shape of stones. You can even create an Iwagumi with stone wood! A new hardscape material with huge expressive and creative possibilities.

Stone wood is very heavy and each piece has its unique form. It highlights its beautiful colouration that mixes dark brown with ochre and golden.

  • Stone wood sizes go from 20 - 60cm.

  • Available in Mix sizes.​

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