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Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Our Shell Shelter packs are the perfect addition to any biotope aquarium. Whether you have Rift Lake cichlids like Shell dwellers or West African dwarf cichlids like Nanochromis, these shells provide an ideal home for small fishes and allow them to engage in natural behaviours. The shells not only add to the authenticity of your aquarium display, but they also provide a beautiful aesthetic touch.


Introducing our new Shell Shelter XL pack! This pack contains 5 extra large shells, hand-selected for their beauty and diversity. These shells are perfect for use in marine, estuarine, and Rift Lake displays, or as unique decor in terraria. The shells vary in type, shape, and pattern, so no two packs are the same. Not only are these shells visually stunning on their own, but they provide a natural and non-toxic habitat for small aquatic creatures. The shells are easy to manipulate and spread in your aquarium, and their size range of 80-150mm makes them suitable for any type of design. Plus, with a weight of 250g, you'll have plenty of shells to use in your display. Don't miss out on this opportunity to add some natural beauty to your aquarium with our Shell Shelter XL pack.

In addition to our Shell Shelter packs, we also offer Shellbed substrate, which is perfect for adding realism to your aquarium. Made of crushed shells, this substrate can be used to recreate a variety of habitats, including those found in the African Rift Valley and the Bodoquena highlands of Brazil. The bright aesthetic of the shells and their highly textured surface provides both beauty and contrast to your aquarium.

Whether you're looking to add some natural elements to your aquarium or simply want to create a more authentic and dynamic display, our Shell Shelter packs and Shellbed substrate are a perfect choice.


The karst stream in the Bodoquena highlands of western Brazil is a unique and fascinating aquatic habitat. Located in the highlands of western Brazil, this stream is home to a variety of popular aquarium species, including Hyphessobrycon eques, Characidium sp., Rineloricaria parva, and Corydoras aeneus.

The substrate in this stream is made up of a mixture of organic material from the surrounding forest, sediments, sand, and crushed snail shells. These snail shells, which are bleached white by the sun and the karstic waters, provide a unique and visually striking element to the habitat. The shells, along with the other substrate materials, are filtered through limestone bedrock, adding to the habitat's unique chemical makeup.

In addition to the diverse array of aquatic species that call this stream home, the karst stream in the Bodoquena highlands is also home to a variety of plant life. The combination of aquatic and terrestrial plants, along with the diverse array of animal species, creates a complex and dynamic ecosystem.

This karst stream is a beautiful and inspiring habitat, and we hope that our Shellshelter, Shellbeds and Nautilus biotope beds can help bring a piece of it into your home aquarium.

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