Please, follow our recommendations to enjoy your hardscape:

  • Please rinse woods with water before use.

  • All woods are buoyant and need to be soaked around 1 month to become waterlogged to sink.

  • Woods must be temporarily subjected in the initial setup to avoid buoyancy by using rocks, anchors, wood tight, etc. until the wood waterlogged completely to sink.

  • Woods may release tanning's during initial setup. Tannins brings a cognac look to the water like it happens in natural rivers like in amazon. You can control the amount of tannins in water by frequent water changes. Tannins are not harmful to aquarium living organism.

  • If you want to avoid tannins on the initial phase you can boil in water the woods for few hours to release as many tannins as possible. You can also submerge the woods one month before using them in the aquarium.

  • Saprolegnia may appear during the initial stage. It looks like a white fungus on top of the woods. If it occurs, scrap and suction it out with a small tube frequently. Normally it will disappear naturally one month after initial setup. 

  • Woods may decrease the pH level in water. Therefore, a minimum kH of 3 is recommended to create a buffer effect and control frequently pH level.



Sculptural pieces collected from rivers, lakes, seashores…crafted by the powers of nature: water, wind, sun… resulting in unique shapes and soft textures with its unique whitish appearance. Neptune is an extremely sought-after true driftwood.

Neptune wood has no tannins or barely any! You can enjoy a tank with Neptune wood from the start with crystal clear water, as nature has done for you the maturation process by removing the tannins. 

Each piece is unique like a sculpture, it is a true crafted wood by nature inclemency’s forces.

Available in Mix size.




An incredible wood with unique bumps, brainy texture… that resembles the shape of stones. You can even create an Iwagumi with stone wood! A new hardscape material with huge expressive and creative possibilities. 

Stone wood is very heavy and each piece has its unique forms. It highligts its beautiful coloration that mixes dark brown to ochre and golden.

Stone wood sizes goes from 20 - 60cm.

Available in Mix size.




Horn wood is a heavy wood with branch horn shape, you can combine several pieces together to create a layout like a big fallen trunk with branches. The unique wild-looking texture and colors of the wood brings up the expression of a layout. Horn wood is a very dense wood, it will soak immediately in water.


Available in Mix size.




Sculptural pieces with a multiple interwined roots, whitish and reddish colour tones are part of their form. Each piece is unique, and their visual impact will be the focus of attention of any composition. Cut in small pieces or combine different pieces in a group to create a layout with more complexity and high impact. This type of Wood has high demand and supply is limited. Millenium tree releases tannins on the first month, so it is highly recommended to submerge it in water for 3 - 4 weeks or boil it before use.

Available in Mix size.




A tribute to the mighty scene of the Lord of the Rings, where the human tree shape develops its root system to hold down from the water flood. Isengard Ent is a tree shape wood with an impressive dense root system. It is the perfect wood to create ancient forests with dense roots covering the flooring. Each piece is unique, some are like lonely Ents other pieces is like a whole forest that create an impressive scape by itself.

Available in Mix size.


The bestseller of Aquascaping, red moor roots has been carefully selected and treated with sand blast. Its polished surface creates unique and innovate masterpieces. Red moor root richness in shapes and sizes, allow creations with outstanding creativity.

Available in Mix size.



Tiny roots with different hues of yellow, brown and beige colours. Unlimited possibilities are possible with Nano root XS,  combine and mix as your desire. The versatility of this wood is perfect for small size aquariums.

  • Size 10 - 30cm.

  • Each piece is unique and different in form and colour.

Available only in XS size.




Complete tree-trunk shape piece with roots, it is perfect to create brilliant compositions of emerged or submerge tree forests. Layouts create with this type of wood, provide a great visual impact with a large impression of depth.

Similar to Isengard Ent but without the root density and with more tree trunk shape.


Available in Mix size.



Driftwood that has been exposed to water, sun, wind and harsh conditions for years. It has a beautiful brown yellowish color.  Each pieces is uniquely shaped by the elements. Most of the driftwood has heavy weight, it allow us to set the wood pieces with buoyancy worry-free. S sizes are ideal for nano scapes or fine details while M and L sizes have strong character for any ryoboku aquarium.


Available in Mix size.



The vibrance of these deep and dark reddish-brown wood with intertwined branches creates an exciting layout full of textures and complex forms. Centurion Wood is the result of care and tradition for many years, this wood represents the Mediterranean relation between man and earth. Most pieces are over 100 years old! Complete your design with this intricate wood and bring balance with the coolness of blue rocks and the calmness of green plants.​

  • This wood releases tannins in the first month, so it is highly recommended to submerge it in water for 3 - 4 weeks or boil it before use.


Available in Mix size.




An impressive wood that resembles a dragon skin texture. Its unique shape allows to create unique scapes with plenty of wholes that create a high impact chiaroscuros. Its unique texture plenty of holes is ideal for epiphytic plants and mosses creating a true wabi-sabi impression. It is a perfect wood to be crafted at will bringing new expression possibilities.


Available in Mix size.




A Classical wood for aquascaping in their minimum expression, Nano Red Moor is carefully selected and treated with sandblasting to provide a smooth surface. Each little piece of this wood has a beautiful structure and details.

  • Size from 20 - 40cm.

  • Each piece is unique and different in form and colour.


Available in S size.



Depth blackish-purple colour, each tree-trunk shape piece with roots, provides the contrast and impact to your design. Use Black Tree Trunk to create exquisite layouts with mysterious and unique styles.

  • Size 20 - 40cm

  • This wood may release tannings during the initial setup.

  • Each piece is unique and different in form and colour.


Available in S size.



Our very own Golden Wood is one of the hardest and densest woods in our catalogue, with beauty and glorious yellowish-golden colour, this wood has an exceptional surface with a natural shape. Golden Wood has been carefully selected and does not affect significantly water parameters.​

  • Each piece is unique and different in form and colour.

Available in S and M size.