Our product lines aim is to deliver nature to people’s spaces in their everyday life.

WIO design and deliver products that empower clients to create small to mid-scale natural spaces and sceneries that excite, re-engage  and re-connect them with nature while improving their wellbeing.

Our team of designers, manufacturers and nature artisans creates unique products to enable people to enjoy nature at its full potential in their daily life. Products are designed for the most demanding clients with special sensitivity to nature, well-being, eco, design, art and excellence.



WIO products are the highest expression of our know-how through our own portfolio of organized products in the following lines:

Spaces to bringing nature indoors and outdoors as aquariums, insulariums, terrariums…

Decoration to create nature at its best using living and none living goods as rocks, woods, sands, plants…

Technology to mimic natural habitats and biotopes as lighting, pumps, filters…


Consumables to take care of the wellbeing of nature and their users as fertilizers, filter media, water treatments…


WIO product line is born as a new and easy way to enjoy nature, recreating sceneries from the underwater world to jungles.

product 02.png

You will discover a whole new world of flora and fauna, with mosses, mushrooms, marsh and aquatic plants, shrimps, frogs, fishes... And you’ll be surprised how easy, freely and gratifying is to create, nurture and maintain nature sceneries at your home or office.  

Since nature is indispensable for human beings. Enjoying nature sceneries, in your everyday life, will naturally draw your attention, bringing you enjoyment, beauty, fascination and relaxation.

Take a breath from your busy days, glance at your nature scenery to feel its refreshing and healing proprieties.