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New Website Launch

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

WIO is proud to announce our website launch.

The website is split in different sections:

SERVICES: Our sevices with turn-key customized theming solutions: design, install and maintain natural spaces that excite and re-engage people and nature.

Service lines:

  • RIUM: Aquarium, insularium, paludarium and terrarium raised to art pieces of living nature sceneries.

  • POOLS: The reinvention of the conventional pool transformed to a nature waterbody scenery.

  • NATURESIGN: Bringing nature to architecture and interior design.

PRODUCTS: High-end proprietary products for the specialist wholesale channel. Our product lines aim is to deliver nature to people’s spaces in their everyday life.

Product lines:

  • SPACE: Spaces to bringing nature indoors and outdoors as aquariums, insulariums, paludariums, terrariums…

  • DECOR: Decoration to create nature at its best using living and none living goods as rocks, woods, sands, plants, DIY…

  • TECH: Technology to mimic natural habitats and biotopes as lighting, pumps, filters…

  • WELL: Consumables to take care of the wellbeing of nature as fertilizers, filter media, water treatments…

COMPANY: We provide professionals and the wider public with products, services and solutions that help mankind re-engage with nature. Enriching their wellbeing in a sustainable, rational and emotional way.

Support lines:

  • CONTACT: Our contact information.

  • CLIENT: A private section for our clients to log in and enjoy our B2B services and solutions.

We hope you will enjoy our brand new website that will be updated monthly.

WIO Team

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