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The reinvention of the conventional pool transformed into a nature waterbody scenery.

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wioPOOL is the reinvention of the conventional pool by evolving it in the diversity and mightiness of natural water bodies: beaches, lakes, rivers, cenotes, waterfalls...

WIOpool is the art of transforming the traditional concept of swimming pools into natural water bodies blend in nature, that maximize enjoyment, social interaction and contemplation joy while minimizing its maintenance.

We design and build natural water sceneries that create a deep emotional effect and connection with nature. 

Our extensive experience and knowledge of the latest technologies in the large public aquarium sector- whose high demands for compatibility with the flora and fauna- have acknowledged us to implement automatic problem-free filtration systems with or without living flora and fauna.

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Beaches, lakes, waterfalls...

Where do you want to swim?

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WIOpools is the perfect option for residences, resorts, hotels, villas...

For corporate and public spaces, it maximizes the options for exploitation and enjoyment, as it will become a ‘must visit’ nature spot in your facilities.

WIOpool multiplies the return on investment since the expenses are always much lower than the effective property new value.

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